Woman’s Folk Costume | Pokuttya, Ukraine


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Origin: Ukraine | Pokuttya | Horodenka region
Era: WWII era (circa 1930-1950) & Mid- to late-20th century (post 1950)
Includes: embroidered chemise (sorochka), leather sheepskin vest (keptar), wool wrap skirt, apron, long woven belt
Condition: shirt has minor spots on shoulders; vest shows heavy wear and losses to embroidery and trim plus extensive staining; patches of missing fleece to vest interior; suitable for both wear and display
Measurements (with garments laying flat):
  Chemise – across front: 27″ side to side
  Chemise – length: 51″
  Vest – across front: 19″ between underarms
  Vest – length: 20″
  Wrap skirt: 32″ long x 67″ wide
  Sash: 2.5″ wide x 125″ long
Additional Notes: This costume can be worn in several different ways and not all of the included pieces are essential. The chemise, skirt, and belt make up the basic costume and the vest and apron are optional and can be worn as desired. The skirt can be wrapped in a number of ways and the ensemble can be further accessorized with additional pieces and jewelry as well. The chemise is made of homespun linen with hand embroidery on the shoulder, collar and cuffs. There are many different types of aprons worn in this region of Ukraine and the one included here is one of the more recent variations with multi-colored geometric woven designs covering the entire surface and fringe along the bottom. Older styles were typically simpler with less decoration. The sheepskin vest is decorated with embroidery and applique as well as woolly trim around the collar and is one of several styles once worn in this region.

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WWII Era (circa 1930-1950), Mid 20th Centuty (post-1950)


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