Feet & Footwear – A Cultural Encyclopedia | 2009


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Book Title: Feet & Footwear – A Cultural Encyclopedia
Author: Margo DeMello
Language(s): English
Published: Santa Barbara, CA – 2009
Format & Size: Hardcover – 7.25″ x 10.25″
Pages: 362
Book Condition: Very Good Condition
Description: Take a walk in someone else’s shoes in this fascinating examination of shoes and feet around the world! This one-of-a-kind A-Z reference work contains over 150 fascinating entries and intriguing sidebars that look at feet and adornment of feet across the many cultures of the world throughout time. A wide range of international and multicultural topics are covered, including foot binding, fetishes, diseases of the foot, customs and beliefs related to the foot, shoe construction, myths and folktales featuring feet or shoes, the history of footwear, iconic brands and types of shoes, important celebrities associated with shoes, and the types of footwear worn around the world. This exhaustive compilation is ideal for students and general readers interested in the human body, fashion, and medicine, and even scholars looking for more in-depth coverage on the social and cultural uses of the body will find it as a useful starting point in their research. Cross-references, suggestions for further reading, and a full bibliography of print and electronic resources are valuable tools for all readers.

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