Gold Embroidered Headscarf | Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


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Origin: Russia | Nizhny Novgorod area
Era: 19th century (pre-1900)
Condition: fair-good restored condition; original 19th century embroidery sewn onto newer fabric; wear and tarnish to metallic embroidery; small holes and worn areas to remaining original fabric; new fabric in excellent condition; recommended for display only
Measurements (with garments laying flat): 50″ longest side
Additional Notes: Woman’s triangular headscarf called a golovka in Russian from the Nizhny Novgorod region in western Russia. The front and ends feature gold metallic embroidery over cardboard and the scarf would have been tied in such a way that the gold patterns covered the front og the head with the ends resting on the shoulders. The reference photo above shows how this type of headdress would be traditionally worn. The golovka offered here was also originally embroidered on purple silk based on the bits of remaining original cloth, but has been restored by sewing the original 19th century embroidery onto new brown fabric. It is in a condition that can now be worn if desired, though it’s historic value would be best preserved by using it for display purposes. Very scarce in any condition.

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19th Century (pre-1900)


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