Embroidered Cap | Liptov, Slovakia


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Origin: Slovakia | Liptov region
Era: Turn of the century (circa 1890-1910)
Condition: good; overall fading to red threads; damage to lace on front of cap; recommended for display only
Measurements: 19″ wide
Additional Notes: Rare, early example of a married woman’s cap from one of three villages in the Liptov valley region of central Slovakia. Nearly identical costumes were worn in the villages of Liptovska Revuca, Liptovska Osada and Liptovska Luzna and while there was likely once a more noticeable distinction between the villages that allowed for identification of the specific costumes, the differences have blended with time. The predominantly red motifs developed in the early to mid-19th century and incorporated protective symbols together with stylized natural images executed on a relatively narrow linen base. Red embroidery continued to be used into the 20th century, eventually giving way to multi-colored designs of various compositions done on cotton and other fabrics of noticeably larger proportions. Embellished with handmade linen bobbin lace along the front edge. Scarce.

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Turn of the Century (circa 1890-1910)


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