Woman’s Folk Costume | Sumiac, Slovakia


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Origin: Slovakia | Brezno district | Sumiac village
Era: WWII era (circa 1930-1950)
Includes: blouse, vest, skirt, apron, cap
Condition: very good; stains on blouse; light general wear; suitable for both wear and display
Measurements (with garments laying flat):
  Vest – across front: 17.5″ between underarms
  Vest – length: 18.5″
  Skirt – waist: 29″ across top (doesn’t need to fully close in the front / opening covered by apron)
  Skirt – length: 30″
  Apron – length: 28.5″
Additional Notes: Five-piece wedding ensemble from the Rusyn village of Sumiac in central Slovakia. The same style of dress was also worn in the nearby villages of Vernar and Telgart. Includes a finely pleated shiny eggshell-white color fabric. It wraps around the waist and is open in the front to be covered by the apron. The vest and apron are made of matching fine printed wool fabric characteristic of bridal costumes in these villages. The cap appears to be slighty newer than the other elements of the costume. An interesting feature of the costumes in these villages are the narrow micro-pleated blouse sleeves. When not in use, the pleats are stitched together to preserve the fine pleating. This blouse has this type of temporary stitching through the pleats, but would need to be replaced and tightened up should you decide to wash the blouse in order to keep the pleats from washing out.

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WWII Era (circa 1930-1950)


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