Embroidered Linen Shirt | Mariovo, Macedonia


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Origin: Macedonia | Mariovo
Era: Early 20th century (circa 1910-1930)
Condition: very good; some stains and discoloration; durable homespun linen that can be washed to remove stains; suitable for both wear and display
Measurements (with garments laying flat):
   Across front: 18″ between underarms
   Across bottom: approximately 52″
   Length: 33″
Additional Notes: Heavy homespun linen men’s chemise with whitework embroidery around the collar and front opening. Features a wide cut with inserted triangular panels in the bottom skirt section characteristic of this region. Shows ties to archaic forms of traditional Balkan dress with embroidered protective symbols around the collar. A fine collection of reference photos showing men wearing this style of shirt as well as details about the embroidery can be seen by visiting this site.

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Early 20th Century (circa 1910-1930)


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