Embroidered Linen Blouse | Torysky, Slovakia


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Origin: Slovakia | Spis region | Torysky
Era: Mid-20th century (post 1950)
Condition: very good; light wear; small spots; soiling to inside of collar; suitable for both wear and display
Measurements (with garments laying flat):
   Across front: approximately 14″ + large underarm gussets
   Length: 12.5″ from collar to bottom hem
   Sleeves: 25″
Additional Notes: Blouses from the Rusyn village of Torysky and the neighboring villages are known for the embroidered designs on the cuffs and collars that often preserve links to early protective motifs. Compared to the puffy sleeve styles seen in other parts of the country, the everyday blouses of Torysky are relatively narrow, showing a more conservative use of cloth. In the interest of further economy, only the sleeves were made from what was considered to be better cloth (finer linen or cotton) while the bodies of the blouses were made from rougher homespun linen as is the case in this example as well. Beautifully gathered at the collar front opening with cross-stitch embroidery. Sewn and decorated entirely by hand – a work of fine craftsmanship.

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Mid 20th Centuty (post-1950)


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