Embroidered Linen Blouse | Detva, Slovakia


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Origin: Slovakia | Podpolanie region | Detva
Era: Early 20th century (circa 1910-1930)
Condition: very good; small stain on sleeve; minor wear; suitable for both wear and display
Measurements (with garments laying flat):
   Across shoulders: 13″-14″ across collar
   Length: 6″
   Sleeves: 20.5″ from collar to cuff
Additional Notes: Homespun linen blouse with tambour embroidery typical of the Detva area in central Slovakia. The embroidered design is only in the top half of the sleeves as they are worn pushed up over the elbow and puffed out as shown in the reference above. A very nice early example of the local style. The short style is typical of Podpolanie as such blouses were worn over woven undergarments that covered the midsection and added another element of design to the full folk costume. Due to the style, the blouse is difficult to measure and can fit a range of sizes.

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Early 20th Century (circa 1910-1930)


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