Black Leather Boots | Lowicz, Poland


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Origin: Poland | Mazwosze region | Lowicz area
WWII era (circa 1930-1950)
Condition: fair-good; general wear and signs of use; overall crazing; some cracking to surface; recommended for display only
   Sole: 11.5″ toe to heel
   Height: 14.5″
Additional Notes: These boots were worn as part of a man’s folk costume by a regional folk dance group in the Lowicz region of central Poland (stamped inside). Similar boots were worn throughout Poland and indeed much of eastern Europe and were inspired by military boots that men brought home with them from military service and wars. The boots look nice and have no major damages, but given their age they are more suited for display than wear.

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Suitable for display only


WWII Era (circa 1930-1950)


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