Woman’s Folk Costume | North Kyjovsko, Czech Republic


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Origin: Czech Republic | Moravia | North Kyjovsko region
Era: Early 20th century (circa 1910-1930)
Includes: blouse, vest, skirt, apron, underskirt, waist ribbon sash, cap
Condition: good; blouse has stains; vest missing sequins; apron missing waist ties; various stains and small areas of damage to embroidery on apron; apron lace trim has stains; alterations to sleeve inseams and underarm gussets; expected signs of wear and age; suitable for both wear and display
Measurements (with garments laying flat):
   Vest – across shoulders: 14″
   Vest – across front: 17.5″
   Vest – length: 13.5″
   Blouse – collar: snaps currently set at 12″ around, but can accommodate up to 13.5″ around
   Skirt – waist: up to 40″ around
   Skirt – length: 25″
   Apron – length: 26″ including lace
   Waist ribbon: 116″ long
Additional Notes: A beautiful ensemble from the Kyjov region of Moravia. There are two general types of folk dress in this region that can be divided into the north and south variations. The south Kyjovsko style (kroj jihokyjovsky) features a blouse with a large separate embroidered flat collar while the north Kyjovsko style (kroj severokyjovsky), which includes the village of Kyjov, has a blouse with embroidery on the front of the opening and a standing collar. This ensemble is of the north Kyjovsko style and is a relatively early example featuring an incredible heavily embroidered apron with wide handmade bobbin lace trim. The apron has some staining and wear to the embroidery, but is in good condition overall. Some of the stains are caused by wax that surely dripped from a candle during church service. This is a fairly common type of staining to peasant aprons and instead of a flaw it should be viewed as a testament to a garment’s history and function. Given that the costume is around 100 years old the condition should be considered as quite good and while it could still be worn if desired, it would make for an especially nice museum exhibit. The costume comes with a heavily decorated cap, though a large red Turkish shawl can be added if desired to achieve the look shown in the final reference image above.

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Early 20th Century (circa 1910-1930)


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