Short Jacket with Silver & Gold Embroidery | Ottoman Empire


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Origin: Ottoman Empire
Era: 19th century (pre-1900) or Turn of the century (circa 1890-1910)
Condition: very good; minimal signs of wear; no tarnish; suitable for both wear and display
Measurements (with garments laying flat):
   Across shoulders: 11.5″ between shoulder seams
   Across front: 15″ between underarms
   Waist: 27″ around
   Wingspan: 57″ from cuff to cuff
   Sleeves: 23″ from shoulder seam to cuff | 21.5″ inseam
Additional Notes: A remarkable jacket not only for its ornamentation and superior craftsmanship, but also its impeccable condition. The colors are bright and clean without tarnish and the base cloth is entirely free of holes or other significant damages. Such jackets were worn by wealthy women throughout the Balkans including the regions of modern day Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Greece, and Turkey. Sometimes called a cepken in Turkish. As these were made by skilled craftsman often working in urban workshops, designs and styles were shared by neighboring areas and specific place of origin can be difficult to determine. Made of black wool with masterfully executed silver and gold couching embroidery and soutache trim. Lined with pink printed cotton fabric. The beautiful wide open sleeves can either hang on the back in the current state or be sewn up along the seam and be worn as regular sleeves. Both variations were used throughout history depending on the specific type of garment, occasion, and sex. This is by far the best example we have ever had available and it will be the highlight of any fine collection.

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19th Century (pre-1900), Turn of the Century (circa 1890-1910)


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