Blue Embroidered Apron | Petrov, Czech Republic


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Origin: Czech Republic | Moravia | Petrov village
Era: Mid-20th century (post 1950)
Condition: very good; minimal wear; suitable for both wear and display
Measurements: 26.5″ long x 47″ wide along bottom
Additional Notes: Beautiful blue apron with floral embroidery typical of Petrov village in southern Moravia. The aprons from this village underwent a number of changes beginning as long black aprons in the 18-19th century and slowly becoming shorter and transitioning to blue by the early 20th century. The layout of the floral embroidery remained relatively unchanged with two bouquets in the corners below a floral band spanning the entire width; however, the motifs saw various iterations with the introduction of new blossoms and colors over the decades. A fine example of the mid-20th century style on blue mercerized cotton fabric.

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Mid 20th Centuty (post-1950)


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