Russian Costume in Photographs | 2009


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Book Title: Russkii Kostium v Fotografiakh
Translation: Russian Costume in Photographs
Author: A. Petrova
Language(s): Russian with English summary
Published: Moscow, Russia – 2009
Format & Size: Softcover – 6″ x 8.25
Pages: 320
Book Condition: Very good with light wear
Description: From book summary: Clothes are man’s ‘second skin’, an everyday necessity, a work of art, a projection of identity, a political weapon, retail merchandise, a means of seduction, the subject of photography. National dress or folk costume is a fascinating historical phenomenon that exists by its own specific logic and has a distinctive structure and palette, that is stored in museums and collections, reconstructed and recorded in millions of photographs. This project is a photographic digest of Russian folk costume: from ethnographic photography till contemporary art.

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