Slovenian Belts and “Sklepanci”


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Book Title: Pasovi in Sklepanci
Translation: Belts and “Sklepanci”
Author: Janja Zagar
Language(s): Slovenian with 10-page summary in English
Published: Ljubljana, Slovenia – 1993
Format & Size: Softcover – 6.25″ x 9.25″
Pages: 196 pages
Book Condition: Very Good Condition
Description: Exceptionally rare book about traditional woven belts and metal “sklepanci” clasped belts from Slovenian folk costumes. Only 800 copies of this book were published and it has become a highly desired book to collectors and ethnographers due to the detailed overview of these specific costume elements. The book is a catalog of the collection of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum and the items shown in the book create the most complete reference on the topic ever published. Covers leather belts (cemeri, macki), hand-woven belts (repi, tkanice, opasice), embroidered belts, hand-sewn belts (kanice) and the many form and elements of sklepanci belts (chain, link-and-chain, link, obesala, zaponke/clasps). Explores the development of folk costume belts over several centuries of Slovene peasant clothing. The book shows over 230 objects from the collection in approximately 250 photos (primarily black/white, some color).

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