Armenian Folk Arts, Culture, and Identity


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Book Title: Armenian Folk Arts, Culture, and Identity
Author: Levon Abrahamian & Nancy Sweezy
Language(s): English
Published: Bloomington, Indiana – 2001
Format & Size: Hardcover w/ Dust Jacket – 8.75″ x 11.25″
Pages: 312
Book Condition: Good Condition – minor signs of wear
Dust Jacket Condition: Good Condition – minor signs of wear
Description: English-language information on the cultural products of Armenia is scarce. Present-day Armenia, located east of Turkey and northwest of Iran, is a small fraction of the much larger historic territory that is the geographic basis of this book. Appropriately, then, the nine contributors to this scholarly work take a historical and anthropological approach in their examination of Armenian architecture, costume, festivals, and artifacts (including carpets, sculpture, funeral arts, articles of clothing, and jewelry). Edited by an anthropologist and an art historian, respectively, this thorough treatment of Armenian folk arts is based on a variety of sources, ranging from ancient and medieval inscriptions to modern travel narratives, and is generously illustrated with more than 60 color and 200 black-and-white photographs, many offering a glimpse of the rich collections at the State Museum of Folk Art of Armenia. Color images of ruins, landscapes, artifacts, musical instruments, textiles, rugs, art, households, local people, as well as maps, manuscripts and paintings, appear on every page, accompanying the essays by assorted scholars. This comprehensive scholarly and pictorial history will make anyone of Armenian descent proud. Highly recommended for academic libraries and personal libraries needing materials related to Armenian culture and folk art.

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