Folk Costumes of Pflaz, Germany | 1985


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Book Title: Pfalzer Trachten: Bilder aus 4 Jahrhunderten
Translation: Folk Costumes of Pflaz: Pictures from Four Centuries
Author: Willi Niedermeier
Language(s): German
Published: Kaiserslautern, Germany – 1985
Format & Size: Hardcover – 9.5″ x 12.5″
Pages: 124
Book Condition: Very Good – minor wear
Description: Nice book presenting illustrations and photographs of traditional dress from the Pflaz region of Germany. The presented images are from the 16th-20th centuries (I would image the title should be changed to “five centuries”, but perhaps this is explained in the introductory text). Lovely colored woodcuts, lithographs, book drawings, photos, paintings, watercolors, and more. An interesting survey of historic materials related to the traditional fashions of the region.

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