Russian Embroidery by M.N. Gumilevskaya


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Book Title: Vyshivka Khudoznik M.N. Gumilevskaya – Ornamenty Tsvetnoy Pereviti
Translation: Embroidery by M.N. Gumilevskaya – Colored Drawn Thread Work Patterns
Author: S.Y. Gumilevskaya
Language(s): Russian
Published: Moscow, Russia – 2005
Format & Size: Hardcover – 8.25″ x 11.5″
Pages: 152 pages
Book Condition: Very Good Condition
Description: This album is devoted to the embroidery work of M.N. Gumilevskaya (1895-1985), the artistic director of the Tarusa decorative needlework factory from 1928-1972. The embroidery is drawn-thread work made using colored threads, inspired by traditional folk textiles, but modern in both style and design. The book shows examples of towels, tablecloths, pillow cases, and other domestic textiles, as well as close-ups of the embroidery that can be used to inspire your own designs. The book includes a catalog of 150 embroideries with descriptions of techniques, and their location in various Russian museums.

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