Bashlyk Cossack Hood | Russia or Caucasus


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Origin: Caucasus
Era: Turn of the century (circa 1890-1910)
Condition: good; several small holes and old repairs (finely done); recommended for display only
Measurements: approximately 45″ long
Additional Notes: Deaccessioned from the the Brooklyn Museum (New York City), a fine example of this type of traditional Cossack headdress. The museum records state that this it is from the 19th century so it could be older than the era suggested above. Edged with gold metallic trim and tassel, the sign of a high ranking officer. No stamps or identifying markings of any kind. The long flaps are designed to wrap around the neck or body. While this is likely a military bashlyk, they were also worn with traditional costumes in Russia and the Caucasus region.

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Turn of the Century (circa 1890-1910)


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