Pleated Green Wool Skirt | Myjava, Slovakia


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Origin: Slovakia | Myjava area
Era: Early 20th century (circa 1910-1930)
Condition: good; some holes and stains, but most are covered when worn with an apron; occasional faded areas; suitable for both wear and display
Measurements (with garments laying flat):
  Around waist: 29″
  Length: 26.5″
Additional Notes: An antique woman’s folk costume skirt from the area around Myjava in western Slovakia. Such skirts were worn in Sobotiste and Podbranc as well as other villages in the region as an alternative to the tightly pleated white kasanica. The skirt is made of fine green fabric that feels like wool or a wool mix. Nicely pleated in the traditional style from the 1910-30s and shows wear consistent with age. There are various stains, especially on the end flaps and to the interior facing fabric, as well as some small- and medium-sized holes and some areas of fading along the pleats. The skirt is durable enough for wear, but as a historic garment it is more suitable for display or a museum collection.

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Suitable for wear


Early 20th Century (circa 1910-1930)


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