Woven Wool Kerchief | Zahorie, Slovakia


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Origin: Slovakia | Zahorie region
Era: WWII era (circa 1930-1950)
Condition: very good; minor signs of wear including a few very faint stains; suitable for both wear and display
Measurements: 28.5″ x 27.5″
Additional Notes: Elegant, soft woven kerchief from western Slovakia – also worn in other places of Europe. The fabric is very soft to the touch, likely made from fine wool (uncertain) with white cotton threads. The ground is ivory cream colored, off-white. The quality of the scarf would have made it suitable for festive occasions. Such kerchiefs are affectionately called “babushkas” in America after the elderly women who wore them once they arrived in the country.

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Suitable for wear


WWII Era (circa 1930-1950)


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