Schappele, Chransle & Co: Traditional Headgear from the Kinz Collection | 2008


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Book Title: Schappele, Chransle & Co: 96 traditionelle Knopfbedeckungen der Sammlung Kinz
Translation: Schappele, Chransle & Co: 96 Examples of Traditional Headgear from the Kinz Collection
Author: Tobias Natter
Language(s): German
Published: Bregenz, Austria – 2008
Format & Size: Softcover – 9″ x 11.75″
Pages: 92
Book Condition: New
Description: Stunning book about traditional headwear from Central Europe from regions that were once part of Prussia – Austria, Germany, Bohemia, Silesia. The headdresses date from the 18th-20th century and are some of the finest examples of traditional folk costume headwear that have been published. The title of the book refers to the regional names of specific “crowns” (Schappele and Chransle) that are found in this collection. A beautifully illustrated catalog that was acquired at this exhibit of headgear at the Vorarlberg Landesmuseum in Bregenz. Hard to find and highly recommended for any collector, designer, historian, or fashion enthusiast!

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