Narrow Embroidered Apron | Helpa, Slovakia


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Origin: Slovakia | Horehronie region | Helpa village
Era: Turn of the century (circa 1890-1910)
Condition: good; minor spots/marks near bottom; durable enough for wear, but recommended more for display
Measurements: 14″ across top x 30″ long
Additional Notes: Traditional older style apron worn in Helpa during the 19th and early 20th century – entirely different from the brightly colored style that developed around WWII. Made from shiny indigo-dyed cotton with smocking at the top and embroidery along the bottom edge incorporating archaic motifs of trees and protective elements. The smocking at the top is different on both sides of the apron so it was reversible depending on the occasion. The front woman in the first reference photo above (ca. 1925) is wearing exactly this type of apron although only the smocking along the top is visible. The second photo shows young girls wearing the same style aprons.

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Turn of the Century (circa 1890-1910)


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