Long Whitework Embroidered Chemise | Transylvania, Romania


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Origin: Romania | western Transylvania region
Era: WWII era (circa 1930-1950)
Condition: very good; couple small stains; one tear to lace along bottom edge; suitable for both wear and display
Measurements (with garments laying flat):
   Across shoulders: 16″ between shoulder seams
   Across front: 21.5″ between underarms (not including gussets)
   Length: 40″ including lace
   Sleeve inseam: 25″ (including underarm gusset)
Additional Notes: Although this garment shows many similarities to women’s garments from other cultures, this long chemise is actually part of the traditional men’s dress that would have been worn over white pants and cinched at the waist with a wide belt. White satin stitch embroidery on the front, cuffs, collar, and around the bottom edge. Embellished with handmade crochet lace around the bottom. The final photo shows men wearing similar long chemises.

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WWII Era (circa 1930-1950)


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