Necklace Bracelet Set | Samokov, Bulgaria


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Origin: Bulgaria | Samokov area
Era: Turn of the century (circa 1890-1910)
Condition: good; one small break at corner of one panel; missing pins; missing one chain; suitable for both wear and display
Measurements: each piece is about 7″ long and just over 1″ wide (approx. 14″ long when combined into a necklace)
Additional Notes: Unique piece of antique jewelry that was collected in the Samokov region of Bulgaria at the beginning of the 20th century. The piece could be worn as two bracelets or linked together as a choker necklace. The piece is in generally good condition, but is missing one small chain and both of the closure pins. If you plan on wearing the jewelry, the pins can be replaced by any metal pin or wire as it is a simple hinge closure system. Otherwise perfect for display. There is also a small crack along the corner of one of the panels that you can see in the photos showing the back of the bracelets. There is nothing missing – the corner is cracked, but still attached to the hinge and can be repaired if desired.

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