The Chuvash Costume from Ancient to Modern Times


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Book Title: Chuvashkii Kostium od Drevnosti do Sovremennosti
Translation: The Chuvash Costume from Ancient to Modern Times
Author: Vasilii Nikolaev
Language(s): Russian, English, Chuvash
Published: Orenburg, Russia – 2002
Condition: Like New Condition
Format & Size: Hardcover – 9.5″ x 12″; 400 pages
Description: Stunning, large book about the traditional folk costumes of the Chuvash people living primarily in the Volga region of Russia. This is a comprehensive work that covers Cuvash traditional dress from the 18th through 21th century. It is the most complete work on the subject and is beautifully illustrated with hundreds of color photos showing historic and contemporary Chuvash fashions in the ethnic style. Includes objects from several regional museums and shows complete outfits as well as individual garments and jewelry. There is a detailed catalog of the included pieces as well as a valuable English summary of all the material.

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