European Folk Costumes: Czechoslovakia


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Book Title: Europaische Volkstrachten: Tschechoslowakei
Translation: European Folk Costumes: Czechoslovakia
Author: Heide Nixdorff
Language(s): German
Published: Berlin, Germany – 1977
Format & Size: Softcover – 6″ x 8.75″
Pages: 335 pages text + 266 photos (over 450 pages total)
Book Condition: Very Good Condition – light scuffing to cover
Description: Indispensable reference for anyone interested in Slovak & Czech folk dress. The book provides information about and photos of individual costume pieces from Bohemia (Domazlice, Pilsen, etc.), Moravia (Hana, Hluk, Kyjovsko, Velka n. Velickou, etc.), Slovakia (Bosaca, Cicmany, Fackov, Piestany, Trnava, Zdiar, etc.). The photos include boots, skirts, blouses, underskirts, stockings, bonnets, hats, shawls, lace, ribbon, shirts, pants, aprons, collars, shoes, belts, and much more. Both men’s and women’s costumes are included. The book shows the costumes piece by piece (in addition to people wearing the costumes) which is particularly helpful for identifying individual items. Each region is introduced and then each item is also individually described and cross referenced with approximately 1-2 paragraphs of text per item. The book is entirely in German, but the items are identified by region and piece in the original Slovak/Czech, i.e., kordulka – Prostejov, Hana. The text explains colors, historical references, decorative elements and other details. This book was published in Germany and served as a catalog for a large private collection of folk dress; however, it was never published in any language besides German.

Includes 32 color plates, 123 black/white photos in the text part of the book (mainly of people wearing folk costumes), and 266 black/white photos following the text (mainly of individual pieces) – over 420 photos in all. There is also a fold-out map showing the various costumes by region. The book also describes individual elements of folk motifs, various types of folk ribbon, materials used for shawls, and additional detailed information with accompanying photos. A wonderful, in-depth book and a must for the collector, museum or ethnic fashion enthusiast.

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