Hessian Everyday Dress […] from 1925-1935 | 1983


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Book Title: Hessischer Trachtenalltag: Tracht als Spiegel landlicher Lebensweisen 1925-1935
Translation: Hessian Everyday Dress: Costume as a Reflection of Rural Lifestyles 1925-1935
Photos: Margarethe Dieffenbach
Language(s): German
Published: Frankfurt, Germany – 1983
Format & Size: Hardcover – 5.75″ x 8.5″
Pages: 320
Book Condition: very good; light wear
Description: Excellent book presenting ethnographic photos taken by Margarethe Dieffenbach between 1925-35 of people in traditional dress in the Hesse region of Germany, which includes the costumes of Marburg, Hinterlandes, Schwalm, Niederhessen, Schlizer, Odenwald, Wetterau, and Huttenberg. The photos show children, women and men in traditional clothing from each of these parts of Hesse. Includes everyday dress and holiday costumes. A treasure for anyone interested in German ethnic dress as it was worn to work, school, around the house, to church, and for holidays. A detailed publication with priceless photographic documentation.

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